friday 30th- w/ Grande-Marlaska, Jamacuco zine party, at Wah Wah, Valencia

New record!
Hello Cuca / Incrucificables
split LP

hear a song (mp3):

Hello Cuca - Mala Caligrafía

The band :
Lidia Damunt - sing, guitar
Mabel Damunt - bass
Alfonso Melero - drums
gran sur

more songs released:................
"Hay una fiesta "
Find it in the 10" Viva La Diva compilation. It includes a zine with stuff from the bands and other guests. limited edition. visit for a taste of the UK underground.

A live recording from the friday 13th last september show. Released on "la legaña sinfónica", a new compilation from Alehop!. get it!.

"Mis Lágrimas"...(my tears)...
in the split 7" "girando a 33 vueltas por minuto". Look at the catalogue for more info.
This song is a two years old recording that we made with the Jose Alberto 4-track machine, as usual....

"gran sur" album
gran sur
rock del despertador
los críos que conocimos en el videoclub
a quien le dejas verlo
lady yo
hay una fiesta
azucar amargo
mis lágrimas
zapatos cha cha cha
menú completo

-> get the record

UK version of the Gran Sur record! from Leeds, check GoJonnyGoGoGoGo Records!